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Letter heads

As a sort of ‘Evidence of Authenticity’, letter heads comprise of company’s logo, name of the company, address and in most cases a water mark of the logo with enlarge print of it. With the change in time and working pattern across on globe, earlier letter heads were printed on plain A4 sheet but now it is also been shared and sent over the web to cut out the cost and chuck out time consumption.

Complimentary Slips

We all use complimentary slips in our day to day life. But, these are informal complimentary slips which are used on gifts during any occasion. The same thing is used in corporate world with a simple salutation ‘with complimentary’ with company’s logo, name and address. These cards are generally used on gift for retirement, promotions, increments or any other commercial purpose.


As you have earlier seen, standee kept in offices, complexes for promotional and commercial use. These are of 3x6 ft., which displays the mission and vision of the company, some new rule or new offer or service by the company can be displayed with bright colors, printed on coroplast.


This is an important advertising tool, used all along the road side for better and strong reminder to the correct target audience. It is used for both product and services of the companies so that more and more active response by the operational audience takes place. These are brightly colored with large font size, catchy and crisp tag line and visually perfect. Nowadays, LED hoardings are also used, giving an edge to the promotion and company’s name.


The occasion will always round in some way or the other; it is you to choose what the occasion is. From birthdays to anniversaries or any function for that matters, can be prepared with our excellent graphic designing team after knowing your taste and want. And the good point is that, you can even customize it according to your message or need with apt colors which will serve your purpose.